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Humanity ..How did we arrive at a code of ethics?


ie the guudelines of how to conduct our lives.

Across the globe, in the civilized world, we all seem to have a basic set of ethics.

Some call it values.

Even though a scan of a country's economic and social structure may not reflect this at first glance., if you speak to a human being, regardless of status, you will find an understanding of "values" or some may prefer to call it "code of ethics" they have been taught, sometimes verbally or sometimes by example.

What is the source of those ethics which seems to be also practiced by all regardless of what niche we choose in life or path to follow?

Even when we chose to be contrary, there is still the basis of a foundation of code of ethics we have learned that forms our individual character, yet we can be from extreme ends of the globe and yet common traits of character or ethical standards flow amongst us.

How did that come about? What is the source of the formation of these character traits.? Is the source the same for all of us?

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