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HUNGARIAN Relocation&Immigration Services

Professional management for foreign citizens by ALPHA-PANNON BUREAU
Our services especially are:
1.) Business formation for foreign citizens, through that consulate too which is connected to their place of resistance, with authorization, in connection with it:
-headquarter service
-virtual bureau
-management of the company foundation of bank account
1.1.Further business services
1.1.1.Professional (mini, midi, mosaic, basic) business plans
1.1.2.Market research, assessment of the situation of the market in connection with the exact business action
1.1.3.Investment offers
-Hungarian, German and Swiss companies on sale
-trade properties on sale: Hungary, UK
-firms, factories and industrial areas on sale
-properties for accommodation on sale: Hungary, USA, UK

With professional level of experiences on the field of public administration, professional knowledge and business experience we accept to manage the official administrations, representation and documents formation for foreign companies and their owners and leaders and any foreign citizens in case of legal matters, which are in connection with the following administrative and state administration bodies working in Hungary: ministries and state secretaries run by them, background institutions of ministries, authorities, DG, financial bodies, bureaus, institutions, delegations, embassies, main consulate, consular bureaus, trusted consular offices.
2.)Those matters which are in connection with any administrative and state administration bodies for those citizens or companies which are owned by Hungarian or foreign citizens, who have been registered in Hungary. For example: applications and announcements of permission for operation and sites, but any other legal or state matters which are connected to the legal operation of these companies, and all state administration or administrative business which are in competence of councils.

3.)Matters which are connected to the right of staying in Hungary for the citizens of EGT and for those who are not.
3.1. The preparation of any documents of residence permission in case of any type of Hungarian staying, income generation, employment, learning, family gathering or with other aims.
3.2. matters of citizenships and birth certificate
3.3. legal documentaries (driving license, car, address card, registration for the customer portal, public health care card, tax number and credit card, and so on.
4.) ALPHA-PANNON Bureau of Swiss Law Office, with the same service in Switzerland as in Hungary.
5.)Real estate agency
5.1. Flats and trade properties on sale
5.2. Flats, offices, trade properties for rent
6.)Insurance broker activity
6.1. Offers for life and property insurance, and signing of them
Assistance services:
VIP personal assistance, driver

Tavasziné Engi Marianna
Chief Executive of ALPHA-PANNON
Contact: Protected content

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