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I am going to London - who wants met up 15/2-20/2

Hi Inter Nations Familia
yes thats how I c it jajajaja well lit I c ... I am partiall blind and what lit I do c is useless but manage get round world even if scares me half 2 death sometimes

I am headed out to London ... wondered where what I should go do ... I am told all that I miss from NYC ... international foods ie Greek, Indian, Thia is all there that I dont' have go jumping back 2 other side pond bsides hahaha NYC/EastCoast seems have never ending super snow storm !!!!!!!!!!!! Excited about Indian shops ... not sure I can tote big jumbo size of parachute oil back 2 Spain jajajajaja

tell me where go eat , c , do buy , ... I am hoping establish mini homebase as I have 2 great friends in Mayfair or Knotting Hill. Mostly excited about communities and culture . Have heard many books like Brick Lane Namesake ... OMG get go hoods where these books sorta were inspirted from

GOT ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ... for LONDON in 5days but hopefully turns n2 regular base YIPPY

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