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I am new to this community, and have a question?!


I see the post by QA, about not making negitive posts?

As a Diplomat, I question the logic of "Negitive Post" in the light that one persons positive post will always be another persons negitive post!! Always!

In a Global or International Community to truly exist in a natural state, negitive elements of free speech must be addressed in terms of engagement.

If a person in an international context says something offensive to this person or that person, everyone including management should stay out of it unless a direct threat of violence was made.

In my Country of the United States there used to be true free speech, which is now being replaced with active censorship as never seen before, with the excuse that you cant offend people!?

People are ALWAYS going to be offened no matter what you say!

There are good people and bad people in every nation on earth.

There are moral or culture issues which will never be solved by censoring unpopular points of view. Censoring people only polerizes and intensifys hatred and anger.

When serious people of high intelect ingage in serious subjects and issues, there will always be serious implications and passions on all sides. Alllowing verbal outlets in serious debate, actually keeps things from going to the physical, unless the person is of a criminal or demeanted state.

In the last 20 to 30 years I have seen a rapid and serious increase in Censorship in all mass media, as small fringe groups or polarized demographic groups and secret societies have gained more and more access to control over mass media globally. This has done nothing to the advancement of humanity or peaceful interactions between the human groups on Earth. A great deal of this Censorship has been driven by Nationalism and Demopgraphic Agendas to have Power or Control over others.

Part of True Free Speech, is hearing things you dont agree with or find offensive in your world view, culture, or beliefs.

If in a part of the World they eat bugs, and its ok with them, I am not going to be offended, but I am not going to eat bugs either. Because I dont want to eat bugs, they should not be offended, because they should know and accept I am not one of thier group or culture.

This should apply to politics, religion, culture, ect.

If you dont agree with someone elses beliefs or culture, dont engage them, move on to someome or something you agree with.

I do believe that regardless of culture or world view or beliefs, there are some things that are wrong or should not be supported regarldless. As long as these people who do these things only due it to themselves and do not push these illogical, unhealthy, or harmful acts on others, they should be left to thier own demise or demeanted reality.

For example I feel illegal drugs are wrong, and harm society and people. But if an individual wants to snort battery acid, let them. If they destroy themselves, let them. If however they are a pilot or person who has responcibility over others and they do this, they must be contained to themselves only by force so thier actions do not hurt others. If a person snorts battery acid or smokes or does imoral things that cause harm to themselves the state or others should not be held accountable for thier actions. If they get cancer from smoking, the insurance should not pay for thier illness neither should the state or others. If they do not have the money to pay for medical care from the cancer, or desiese, or damage to themselves, they should be left to die with no help. Society is not responcable for thier snorting battery acid. If they want to snort battery acid, let them, but it is they who will pay for the results of these actions not others or the state. If they want to get drunk and fall down a flight of steps and break bones, let them, but no one pays their medical bills but them! If they hit and kill someome because they where drunk at thier doing, they should be put to death so as not to harms other innocents. You can argue and fight all day about this is wrong that is wrong, and it will not change peoples natures. Let them do unto themselves what ever they wish, as long as they do not harm others, or others are not required to subsadize their actions and the results of those actions.

This appliies to communications as well, as long as no physical harm is directly threatened or done, a person should be free to express whatever they wish. If you dont like what they are saying move on. Ideas that are demeanted or unsustainable will fade away, always. Censorship only serves to give life to that which has no life. Censorship also retards progress and understanding. Debate even heated debate brings forth new ideas, knowledge, and understanding, and with this progress and change.

In todays world of instant push button control over others, we must all restrain our pointer finger on the deleted, block, and ban buttons! For by doing this, Censorship only serves to do more harm than good, always!

We must hold ALL those in control of all mass media on planet earth, to high standards and accountability. Censorship should never be an option, and only those seeking physical harm to others should be restrained.

When people say I am offened by him or her for thier comments or beliefs, ban them or censor them! This is far more offensive, than any offense in words can ever be!

My 2 cents for what ever its worth in todays world?!

Citizen of Earth
Rick Dobson

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