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I have to leave belgium,NEED URGENT HELP

Hi everyone,

i just found out the existence of this forum,i really need your help because here there are people who are more informed than me about this matter.

I'm an Ukraine Citizen,i lived 17 years in Italy so i have an Unlimited Italian permit,after 2 years living in The Netherlands (with legal permit) i meet and i move to Belgium together with my belgian girlfriend at the beginning of this year,
and things were extremely difficult for us to do almost everything at the city hall of Izegem, first of all they didn't want to register my legal stay,even if i show them my dutch permit which was still valid for 2 months,and the italian one which is unlimited, they basically said "that i have to go away,or contact the belgian embassy in italy or netherlands" because they won't register me on their system,we tried also to register our legal parnership,since we are a couple and we are living together,and ofcourse we plan to marry,but their reply was "you're not on the system we can't do that",after a looot of time lost travelling between belgian embassy in the netherlands,brussels offices and so on plus a lot of money spend for all the papers they request ,we finally took a lawyer,and thanks to the lawyer they finally register me thanks to my italian permit for 3 months,in this time i had to bring several documents and then i should obtain the "orange card" valid for other 4 months,i got the orange card valid till 6th of september and on this time i should request a "work card" at Acerta ,I'm a popular Dj/producer and perform almost everywhere in the world,almost each weekend so i don't know what's the prupose to have the work card if i don't work just in belgium but everywhere,but anyway i requested it.i forgot to mention that i have a company registered and a vat number in the netherlands,since most of my bookings,plus my bank,my agency and so on comes from there. after that i bring both criminal records from netherlands & Italy,plus the medic test,except the work card,because was not ready yet from Brussels this monday,the city hall once again didn't want to hear any story and they told me that i have to leave the country,they told me that it doesn't matter if Brussels is late with delivering the work card,my permit is expired so i have to leave,that's what they said,and at the end they print a paper with all the european countries and ask me to sign it,that paper was in dutch,i don't speak dutch,but my gf translate it to me,it was basically saying that "i agree to leave belgium and all the european countries immediately" that's insane! ofcourse i didn't sign it,and when i mention them that i have an italian permit so that paper is invalid because i can stay in italy how much i want,they replied"well we don't care this is not italy" ,and at the end they keep my orange card.

me and my girlfriend are shocked and extremely exausted about all this story which is going since months and months

now our only solution is move from belgium,my girlfriend has to leave the place where she grow up,the family,the friends,the work,everything because of how the belgian system works.

i'm not sure if the problem is Izegem,or Belgium or we did something wrong.

I hope i explain myself as best as i can

much help needed at the moment.
thank you.

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