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I hope this helps.

Hi guys and girls,

I don't know if anyone has checked their pension recently especially UK pensions but i would advise you to have a quick look at what you have. I have mates who's pensions are dropping like flies because of the economy and the Brit Exit from the EU if it goes ahead.

One of my mates had £411k to pick up just weeks ago and its now only £13k and he cant even lift it anymore because the securities value is greater than the pension value. My other mate had £1.1mill to pick up and its now only £5.400k. Hes lost over half a ill in 6wks.

They had no idea even when id told them ages ago to stay on top of it or even get it out of the uk before it gets stopped. I couldn't help my mates on time but if this helps anyone else here then tha'ts great.

Just go and see your financial adviser and ask him to get a valuation for you and ask if he can get it out of the UK before it plummets. If you don't have an adviser or find it hard to trust them then ill gladly share mine with you, he done a Red Light Green Light check for me. Red light will showed anything i had that's in deficit or heading for one, and the green light Showed me how to avoid it. It was ideal for me.

I hope you all have a great week, see you at the next event.

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