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During a nice sunny day I was sitting on a bench and learning in “my” beautiful park. A group of young women and men was sitting not far from me. I could hear how they were discussing “I LOVE YOU” matter. When to say it, who should say it as first or how many times to say it……
I have seen the topic like that here, as well. My taste to write started to bubble.

Who should create the rules!? Our voice of our thoughts should be the best way of saying I LOVE YOU. Who? When? Where?

We are ambassadors of our love. We can say I LOVE YOU in many ways and through everyday deeds.
Maybe something as……
1.In the morning, when I can feel you breathing, I feel shivering of love inside me.
2.You are my sunshine spreading your love even in my dark days.
3.What a feeling of love I always have while wearing the shirt, you bought for me.
4.When you open your hands and your palms touch my cheeks, I feel like in heaven.
5.I am blessed to have such a precious sweetheart by my side, praying, it stays like that forever.
6.You are amazing how you care, softly telling me what I did wrong. You are my adorable loved mentor.
7.Always when you make a coffee for me, it is a message of love and I can smell and enjoy it all day long.
8.Your voice, telling dinner is ready, makes butterflies inside me and I know I met the right one to love forever.
9.All the small things you are doing for me every day make me feel loved and appreciated and nothing can change it.
10.When I can’t find something and you bring it to me, I realize you are the sweetest one in the world and my best choice.
11.When we are doing something together, I am proud of my cutie pie I found for me.
12.You are my universe where I feel loved and safe.
13.When I am with you walking hand in hand, I can feel how love and glory come to our heart again and again.
14.Every day there is life happening around us and my life is happening with you, creating our common life of love.
15.Shopping list you write expresses how you know what I need and like. You are my best love choice.
16.Your daily small deeds make me extraordinary, declaring I found my forever life partner.
17.When you are relating to friends and family, I feel embracing feelings and prove of your love.
18.Yesterday was great. You prepared everything for our picnic. Your effort is the essence of the moments when you are there for me and I am there for you.
19.When I am leaving and you kiss me, your energy of love is magnetizing all my day. Nobody else can do it for me.
20.I have a privilege to have you in my life, what makes me a better compassionate person.
21.From the first day we met, you are helping me to express my love in many different ways.

Many of our days are busy enough, not as romantic as we wish. It is rewarding to elaborate “ordinary things” and traditional I LOVE YOU in “pictures”.

I let run my creativity and use my experience to share, but I am sure whoever is reading this can contribute to the list. Let’s have fun and make the list as long as possible inspiring each other.

Wishing you a marvelous weekend full of love.

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