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This is the reply I received from Mukurima when I saw his Internations profile photos, taken of his community work and I felt the strong desire to do whatever I could to assist his efforts.

“Hello Sandie. All that the girls need are sanitary pads and for boys, they need soccer balls to engage in positive pastime activities. Please let me know how you want to help”
I have sourced a means of sending by Air France cargo @ 3.80euro per kilo. I have also found some wholesalers in Greece who will allow me to purchase at a lower price than the supermarkets. I believe I can appeal to the population in Athens and surrounding areas (who are also facing hardships of their own with austerity measures but are very generous,) possibly to support this cause.

However, on reflection, I asked myself, if maybe it would be more beneficial to purchase and send from somewhere outside of Europe that might be less expensive. Also the thought that contributions could be made from anbywhere in the world. Although I'm not sure how logistically that could happen, I'm sure it can.

I therefore, sincerely ask the Internation’s worldwide community for ideas and suggestions/ advise so as together we can all make the lives of these beautiful young adolescents happier and easier.

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