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I need international help!!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing fine, I'll tell you a story that will sound almost unbelievable, but i was taken to a psiquiatric hospital here in Germany (Düsseldorf) without the need of it, the people from my company (CGI) campus düsseldorf did it, is a franco Canadian company, seems like the people from this company wants to quick me out without reason (well, seems like racism reasons to me, because other reason I dont find it), it is a very difficult issue, they really blame on me that I'm “mentally ill" and they put me in a closed psiquiatric (LVR klinik Düsseldorf) they faked the diagnosis, and seems like they paid people to fake papers and keep me there in long term.

I do need your help, could you report this to the Canadian embassy, or any other international human rights asossiation?

I'm looking right now for international help, but i havent get answers, please tell others expats here in internations about this.

I already send some messages to the vice president of CGi USA and Canada, but i havent get answers yet, i really need help, and please, don't call the German police (or ordnungsamt), because they are involved in this, and they won't help me, i really need external international help.

This is my phone number:
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Please, spread the word to another expats, tell them what is happening, I really need help, and if you could help me to call someone from human rights would be great.

Thank you so much, and I'll keep in contact with you.

Lots of greetings,

Lucia Garcia Ramirez, from Düsseldorf, Germany

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