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I want to leave but what do I do with my days?

So I'm close to leaving the corporate rat race and moving abroad to South America, possibly Peru or Ecuador. I've lived overseas before in Asia and have traveled a bit through SA. My Spanish is good but I'm a typical 30-something Canadian male.

I plan to rent out my Toronto condo and head south for 6 months, a year or several years. I love the adventure of just leaving and learning as I go. I enjoy finding a new home and learning a new culture. The question I have is: what do I do when I get there?

I mean, day-to-day, what do others do to fill their time? I could take a job if it is rewarding but it isn't necessary for living expenses at the moment. I would love to volunteer or find something positive to do with my time. Basically I want to be a retired person with freedom but don't want to be bored.

Any thoughts? I want to continue to practice my Spanish, I enjoy helping people and socializing. Anyone else here just pick up and leave? What did you end up doing to have a fulfilling experience?

Much appreciated