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Icelanders in for a warm winter in Guantanamo Bay

We Icelanders need not fear the winter cold this year, since we have the prospect of spending the winter in warm, Cuban Guantanamo Bay, courtesy of friend and ally Gordon Brown who has essentially branded us as terrorists. We are already packing our bags for a prolonged stay.

On Wednesday October 8th, Gordon Brown invoked the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of Protected content the people of Iceland, a law intended to combat the likes of the Taliban, subway bombers, etc. This devastating attack on our society has turned a grave situation into a national disaster, affecting families in both Iceland and the United Kingdom. The situation in Iceland today, is dismal to say the least, partly attributable to freezing major Icelandic assets in the UK as if we were engaging in terrorist activities. We understand Gordon Brown’s obligation to represent the interests of his citizens but the means must be appropriate.

The people of Iceland have always considered themselves great friends of the United Kingdom. My parents, in particular, spent their first years in the Icelandic Foreign Service in post-war England from Protected content Protected content passed their high esteem for the British on to me. Our nations have a long history of mutually beneficial trade and have been close allies in NATO and Europe.

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