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If you need something from Mexico bring t Shanghai

On 15th of July I will go to Shanghai from Mexico City and can bring with me some awesome goodies! Or any stuff you would like to get from Mexico. I've been leaving here for 3 years and that's what I usually buy here:

1. Cacao Beans(ready to eat, like dark chocolate): 15yuan/100g;
2. Moringa (powder): Protected content gr;
4. Quinoa: 30 yuan/100g; Protected content
5. Chia: 20 yuan/100 g;
6. Amaranto: 20 yuan/100 g;
7. Paprika: 30 yuan/100 g;
8. Curry (orange): 40 yuan/100 g;
9. Flaxseed: 20 yuan/100 g;
10. Hemp seeds: 50 yuan/100 g;
11. Fenugreek: 20 yuan/100 g;
12. Cumin: 30 yuan/100 g;
13. Curcuma: 30 yuan/100 g
14. Cardamom (whole): 60 yuan/100 g;
15. Raw Honey from bee farm:70 yuan/500 ml.
16. Argentinian real Hierba mate: 60 yuan/250 gr.
17. Mexican fresh ground coffee mix from Oaxaca, Coatepec and Chiapas regions: 60 yuan/250 gr.
18. Traditional hot Chocolate from Oaxaca region! It has cardamom and chile. 70 yuan/250 gr.
19. Virgen Avocado oil for cosmetic purpose! Great for skin and shiny hair. Protected content ml
20. Mamey seeds oil! It's a typical fruit of Mexico! Super for grow of eyelashes! 40 yuan/50 ml.
21. Natural soap with cactus Nopal 40 yuan/100 gr. Also great soup with snail slime: face skin will be like a baby. And soap with extract of tepezcohuite helps to eliminate acne and minimize scars and stretch marks.
22. Shampoo with natural extracts from homeopathic farmacy, contain aloe, rosemary, spinach, sage, walnut, mint, wheat germ. 80 yuan/250 ml, Protected content ml. I used 1 month and my hair looks shiny and more stronger. No hair loss!

All prices include delivery by kuaidi to any city of China. Minimum order Protected content .

PM: if you have questions or you would like to buy please send me personal message😘Sat Nam
My whats app is Protected content

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