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In and not in a country

In UAE where i live we have small grocery shops called "Baqala" - who'd do free home delivery to nearby areas of living till they close at say 11 pm or so. ..but i hear in foreign countries we dont have such a service, which was surprising to me...
Co-operative societies and pharmacies and hospitals - some work for 24 hours, which is a great blessing. I dont know what a lost man will do in the middle of the night, if he didnt get medical care or food on time if it were not for their services.
It would be nice if each one of you could share whats there special u cherish in the place you stay or perhaps something that u are so used to that u have taken it for granted everyday, except when u stepped out of ur home to another land - that u realised the value of those silent everyday blessings..that today u felt like sharing with us :) cos i dont have many ppl across the globe to guide me..and it would benefit us all to know of the little blessings in each land. of course no land is perfect, but its some reason to look forward to..

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