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Hi All,

I have some question to ask you..

I have my job in Algeria and I want to improve my knowledge abroard. I speak three languages: english, arabic and french. I am ambitious and I want to learn a lot of thing. But what I have difficult to understand it's the way of seeing of many recruiters.

As you know I am algerian, I begin to know that it's impossible to find a job in GCC for me.. but I try try and try because as good salesman, I know to sell myself but in the society where we live it's more and more difficult...

I don't want to change the world but I want to change my life.

To sum up, I am Sales Manager for 7 years. I launched the first bread bag
advertising in Algeria.

At the moment, I'm area sales manager in a dairy company. Ambitious, I worked in hospitality industry during several years in Sheraton at Algiers and also in England embassy..

I just want some answers..



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