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India, country of enigma!


India is indeed an enigmatic country! that it is mysterious has its own charms but some things are just so blatantly unacceptable but amazingly doesnt seem so bad to the locals??

towards my trip to india this coming july i begin paying attention to news regarding india and today some articles are sooo terrible and harrowing and just so very grave matters but yet receiving so little attention!!

first article of the sort would be about how some slums in delhi has no proper loo and women and children goes to the forest behind their dwellings tp relieve themselves. but because of this vulnerability, they were targeted and a lot of them disappeared to the forest and never came back, presumably raped or killed for organs etc. THUS children are not allowed to have dinner and lots of them went hungry to bed and became malnourished!!
Now is that harrowing and sad or what???

and then another story about a real indian bollywood actress whose ex boyfriend avenged for her breaking up by posting their sex video online. she then went on to report this to police but her mother and brother decided to disown her out of shame and kick her out of the house, causing her to sleep on streets!

for me it was like an upside down world lol when the victim are the one getting punished and its just so terrible of her family member to be doing this to her??? what does family relationship means to these ppl i wonder!!

and then the story of child labour in india where violence towards child laboures are just not regarded at all. but most harrowing is that policymakers, while pondering about this situation, actually asked so nonchalantly : "what is wrong about children working after school to ease them out of poverty??" wow, its like these ppl dont see children and adults but just idle hands and legs that is exploitable!!
its just very dehumanizing!!

and then as i looked at map of delhi and i realized as the middle part of connaught place slowly approach the border of the city, the map became very sparse with attraction and are categorized into districts and colonies which i presume to be slums
to this i have to say ok city planning was quite well done but definitely the big question is does the people of districts and colonies are seen as equal to the one in the city centers??
definitely some questions about basic humanity is smthg that should pierce through their thickest layer of cultural tradtions and taboos because it is a prerequisite to join modern society!

india your diversity is charming, but for me i think there is only so much that is called tolerance and to go any further is actually apathy,!
i for one cannot bear to seeing or hearing about something like that without expessing my outrage. this isnt offensive, what i hope is actually to criticize and leave a sting that would somehow ball up to smthg meaningful somehow...

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