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Indian/Middleast - Taboo???

Good Evening,

Hope everyone is having a good week. The reason for me writing this is simple to Analyse/Understand

"Being an Indian in the Middleast or just from the Middleast"

I have been a member of Internations for probably Protected content and its been a good experience, made some great friends from all over the globe and even met quite a few...
I am an Indian working in the Middleast, my previous professions required me to travel the globe experience some great and not so great times and Individuals.

(This post is just an open question/discussion whatever you may call it) It would be great if we could have a broad perspective about it.

I am not sure about individuals out there but from my experience..

It seems that the phrase/word Indian,Middleast or even worst an Indian in the Middleast is Taboo in some way.

The image WE individuals have about Indians/Middleast is some what misunderstood/generalised. I have read on Internations forum or statements made in regards to this. So heres a scenario:
I found an interesting profile of a lovely lady on this platform and i was intrigued with all i read, so i wanted to break the ice so sent her a twinkle and i got a twinkle back. i sent her a message with a connection request which even was accepted. Now comes the funny part... To start of the conversation i asked her a few things based on her travel experiences,education etc and no reply and that was it no reply and was even unfriended(i doubt thats a word lol) I beleive the world can be a small place, so the same individual comes to an even here in the middleast and i remembered her so approached her said hello etc.. We shared a common friend and got introduced as well. Now she doesn't remember me doesnt know where iam from so all of us are generally chatting and then this statement happens..
I ignore Indian guys from the middleast/people from the middleast as well. So i started smirking away and she was like why u laughing? And my answer was iam the guy you shouldnt be talking to based on what you said. I mean its her opinion ofcourse but today that person is my best friend and shes European... why ? because she thought i should probably not generalise/judge him.. She said i have so many messages from guys in these places and all they looking for is the obvious (as per my friend)
So i asked her are you telling me that Protected content of those guys wanted the same? Obviously the answer was a blank look !

I agree with this platform being used as a hook up site with various individuals and this isnt what we all are here for BUT this just isnt with people from the middleast.

I apologise for dragging this but i dont want to be misunderstood

Why do we generalise? Having an opinion based on a bad experience is fine but how do we generaiise, rather why?

Today most of my close friends are of all nationalities and they havent been able to answer me. Thanks for reading


"Indian from the Middleast

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