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Initiative Opportunity

Er...... no brainer right?? 🤣🤣
If “YES” then please read on...
Are you a business owner?
Are you a franchise owner?
A retail owner?
A brand /person brand owner, that markets/sells products or /and services?
✨How are you currently taking payment for your services /products/etc?
✨Are you excepting Cryptocurrency?
✨Would you be open to finding out how you can start excepting it?
✨Myself and my team are aligned to a HUGE project, and community of almost 1 million people that are becoming sovereign, meaning we earn, we transact and grow physical and digital assets, Gold and Cryptocurrency, and I would love to do business with you- ‘IF’ there is alignment🤗.
✨Do you like to be ahead of the game and you pride yourself on being an innovative establishment/company/online/offline store etc...?
If you DO, then it’s time to get in the front of the line!
✨If you are afraid, don’t understand how it works, or are dismissing this message because you think it’ll be too hard, cannot wrap your head around it or your thinking it might disrupt or take you away from what you’re doing then think again! 🤗
✨If you have any concerns then here are 5 solutions that are going to address Mr./Mrs. merchant's concerns...
1. SIMPLICITY- we could have this program set up and running in your store in as little as a few minutes.
2. IT’S FREE, it costs you/the merchant nothing! There’s no hard wear, nothing for you to worry about.
3. NO FEES using our system! Many merchants are typically subject to 1-5% fees. With our system you pay zero fees per transaction.
4. NO chargebacks. Every merchant that excepts credit cards is subject to chargebacks. We take that completely out of the equation.
5. NO volatility. What we are finding is that businesses that are adopting our payment system like the fact that there is no risk, meaning, our platform is equipped to give you instant conversion into fiat.
“Mr./Mrs. Merchant We take all the risk for you because we have an instant conversion into fiat.
If you want you can except it and have it settled into Crypto or we can instantly convert it into fiat, taking away any or all risk on your part....”
“Mr /Mrs merchant, you can choose if you want, to settle a portion or all of your transactions into physical and digital gold bullion assets...
So instead of paying 1-5%, you save it, or even if you wish, why don’t you start building up your assets in digital and physical 24 karat gold bullion. “
“Mr./Mrs. Merchant The bigger picture vision behind this is this...
By installing this payment system, you will open yourself up to an industry that’s almost Protected content dollars right now, that is projected to be well over a trillion dollars within the next 12 months.”
💫My question to all of YOU reading this message is this.
Would You like to open your doors to a piece of a trillion-dollar market and growing, this is the future?
Example: Think about this. We had a luxury watch shop in Dubai
Protected content
(who was on stage at our blockchain launch in Amsterdam ) that generated $6 million in 90 days in crypto sales!!!
✨How can you afford not to do this?🤔
The most important moment is the NOW, and this opportunity is available right here right NOW.
No fees ✔️
No risk ✔️
No cost to you ✔️
No brainer! ✔️
(*Free trial for 6 months. If you decide to keep it after that it’s $200 per year.)
THAT'S IT!! WIN WIN WIN situation✔️
That’s how I/we roll 💫💫🙏🏼
For more information on how you can get connected and start benefited right away click the link below ✨🙏🏼✨
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