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Innovative way to solve EU migrant crisis

After having braved the choppy waters of the Aegean, dodged bullets from Bulgarian border guards, Abdul Akbar thought him and his family would be living out the rest of their lives in lovely scenic Europe, whether its in the rolling sunflower filled prairies of France, the scenic fjord of Sweden or in some quaint cozy cottage located somewhere in the majestic Alps. Akbar breathed a sign of relief knowing that he would be able to enjoy apple strudels from his blond-hair blue eyes Bavarian bar maid with the big busty boobies or drink a glass of nice port with a proper Oxford educated Englishman and his country hound living next door to his new home. With a generous social welfare stipend and bonus money for each new child he and his wife would have, yes, it seems his family is well on their way to a fairy-tale ending in their journey to Europa!

Until he was later notified that his family would be settled smack in the middle of a large Jewish community. Yes, folks, it seems that some cities in Europe are having their cake and eating it too! Sure, European leaders can bask in the saintly glow of having welcomed millions of migrants Protected content in Germany so far this year) capitalizing on all the political credit gained from doing such a good social deed. But when it comes to deciding where exactly to re-settle these migrants within Europe, it seems that some cities have treated this issue as if they were finding a new site for a garbage fill.

Amsterdam has decided to settle thousands of Middle Eastern migrants right smack in the middle of a very large and established Jewish suburb. Yes, what an innovative way to solve the migrant problem: put them far away from the nice white European neighbourhoods and dump this problem with the Jewish communities. Sounds familiar? Nobody wants to have a prison or landfill be built in their neighbourhood. Now, it seems that no decent European town would want to be the proud host of a migrant camp: Purmerend, north of Amsterdam, voted last Monday against a plan for opening a local refugee center there. Dump them with the Jews, right? What could be more awkward for Islamists migrants than for them to pass by synagogues, Jewish schools, kosher restaurants, kosher shops and Jewish cemeteries every day. It may even remind some of them of their Palestinian kinsmen back home in good old West Bank or the Gaza Strip. This irony is not lost on Jewish leaders in Amsterdam who are now concerned about the increased risk of anti-Semitic violence, which is already very prevalent. Maybe Dutch officials believe that their security forces need something more to do to keep them busy in the future since they’ve basically just created the perfect conditions for an “Intifada” to erupt West Bank style.

And, everyone thought that the Dutch have no sense of humour or irony!

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