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Inside a Wandering mind

Inside a wandering mind

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Yes I am a wanderer. My mind wanders, so do I. I love the very idea of carefree wandering. I dream of traveling all the time. I dream of visiting the most exotic places – hills, mountains, caves, monuments, backwater/river resorts, and tree top cottages - anything that offers a new exclusive experience.

I visualize myself walking down the hilly terrain on a cold winter evening, into a countryside bar/pub to celebrate a few drinks with my close friends. I fancy myself dining in some of the most elite restaurants in far off lands. I think of myself standing on the mountain cliffs and breathing cool, fresh rejuvenating air. I see myself flying up in the air while paragliding, with the wind filling up my lungs and lifting my spirits. I spot myself in a speedboat cutting through roaring waters at break-neck speeds and enjoying some of the most amazing water rides in theme parks.

I want to walk inside the ruins in Cambodia for a dose of awe and mystery. I want to feel the cold statues inside the holy caves. I want to sit in a quiet corner under dim lights inside the archipelagos in Rome. I want to drive at breakneck speeds on race tracks or in the country side. I want to close my eyes and skydive.

I am the one who wants to keep moving and changing - new places, new houses, new people and new experiences. And though, I love recording memories of my journeys – photographs, videos, write ups and stories, yet surprisingly I rarely remember these moments, that once exhilarated and excited me. Thus, someone may see me as forgetful, some may call me as different, and some others may label me as eccentric or maverick. But that’s how I am.

I have no attraction for a planned system of regular life – wake up, go to office, come back and sleep. I want freshness, new changes every day. I don’t like to be around same friends, same colleagues, same bosses and same people all the time. My mind keeps wandering, almost craving to meet exciting new people, lovers of adventure. I want to find that special one, who loves such financially strong yet nomadic life, as much as I do.

I don’t know why but I'm able to tell a good photograph from a bad one, though I’ve never been trained on photography. I wonder why I'm a very good shooter (with a sharp eye that is good with gunshots) though I've never been trained in shooting, nor have ever carried a gun. I haven't figured why I’m able to create instant poetry depicting full instances-incidents, with good quality, without having learnt anything about poetry writing.

All I know is that I have a wavering mind, always open to new thoughts, ideas and experiences when it comes to living life fully.I think skate boarding to office could be a great start for the day, or soaking the warmth of a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter evening, gazing at the setting sun, could be the perfect ending to a work day. I think it would be a great relaxing feeling to end the supper near a fireplace with my favorite glass of whiskey on a cold winter night.

So, every single day I think of finding new opportunities that would help me make a base in some cold developed country, which appreciates, invites and encourages people with an artistic bent of mind. I am desperate to settle down in a place that opens up a world of choices for living each and every day in the most exciting and enjoyable way.

I keep connecting with people who are there, where I want to be – Scandinavia, Canada, South America and other such exciting places. And I know , God is with me to ensure I am well on my path to financial freedom, a milestone that will help me discharge part of my responsibility towards my family, while savoring every sweet fruit of life. So watch out world! Here I come!

Please feel free to comment.Your valuable suggestions or critique are most welcome. I can be reached on Protected content . More info about me and my background can be viewed on:

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