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Instant Payday Network

Hi All,
a friend of mine found this for me. It is really cool because it costs nothing and you get paid per referral. A free internet marketing system.

If you are doing internet marketing this is an excellent way to find other people who are thinking of putting their toe in that water at no cost.

The payments are USD20 or USD30 per network per referral.

My Cash Freebies is a well known site for advertisers to trial new products and services. You get paid when someone qualifies via taking some free or low cost product trials.

Basically it is an advertising funded network.

Feel free to check it out.

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Also, we are creating a mastermind group and everyone who comes in to my range of franchises can have a membership if they want one. Membership is free an anonymous.

All members of Internations who are in to Internet Marketing are most welcome.

Best Regards


ps. I use my new name Joschua here in Germany so I created my new Mastermind Group with my new German name.

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