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Inter-racial Marriages


Hi I want to contribute . I thought I would write of my personal experience to see if it helps any one.
My life was fairly ordinary. I married a British girl from the same town. Well that ended in divorce. I had five years alone. I had a frienship in that time but it was going no where. I had some on- line correspondents who mostly dropped off.
But one email completely changed my life. We fell in love. We were soon phoning as well as emailing. I had only ever been out of the country on short Europian holidays but I flew to Asia to meet my friend. It was not long before we were married . I am now living & working in Asia. It was the craziest but best decision of my life. Quite out of character but I dont regret it.
There has been a great deal to learn. but that has been so enriching.
Well I could go on but I need to know if any one is interested. For my part I feel that living here is a journey of discovery. So many cultures living in harmony. I know a little about some of them but much is still to be discovered.
looking forward to sharing & listening.

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