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Internations Humanity Prize

Thanks for Caroline's inspiration by her post (12/10/ Protected content the thread "Nobel Peace Prize" ( Protected content ), I start this new thread of “Internations Humanity Prize” for the purpose of our collective salute to people who deserve it.

Individuals or organizations who risk or sacrifice their lives beyond their own interests against proverty, threats, violence, supression, injustice, authoritarianism, discrimination, etc, for the sake of others keep inspiring the rest of the world about what is the right thing to do ... ... their human strength is much greater than human fear. Their publicly known actions called on to the world, or the majority of the rest of the world, to stand with them to share common value.

You are invited to post publicly known or unknown names of the persons or bodies who, deceased or alive, during the year of Protected content in recent years contributed to humanity, peace, equality, justice, philantrophy, innovations, etc, around the globe, who might have been or have not been mentioned/awarded in other official / recognizable prize presentations. Please write your comment about the persons or bodies, or mention the work by the persons or bodies for honor.

Thank you.

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