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InterNations Stance on Future Postings +2


Dear Quality Assurance Team,

You appear to have block/locked any ‘right of reply’ or comment on a forum!?!

Whilst I agree, that free speech should always be suppressed!

You say, “InterNations will always stand neutrally”. You can not ‘stand neutral’ if you censor free speech of course, you can say ‘InterNations’ makes monies from the web site and therefore you don’t want to risk the income to your shareholders so, that’s why you will use censorship.

That’s honest and I understand that.

You could of course, move these offensive discussions to another part of the Forum and allow them in the name of free speech to continue in a back water as it were. You could control this area by warning people.

I would add that your post is very aggressive and bullish and you don’t define what is offensive or negatively provoking………… this post negatively provoking?

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