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INTERNSHIP/JOB - Conscious Love Making (heart)

INTERNSHIP/JOB - Conscious Love Making with the heart

3 Months
9 hours per week

To Trainer / Project Assistant on "Conscious love making with the heart - Learning how to while make love consciously, at the instant of love making, through the art of love making, how to learn on communication, peace (non violence), human rights, collaboration, cocreation (love couple life projects) , life care, sustainable living, culture sustainability and development, love, empowerment of relationships, self-love, self expression, nature laws, heritage and family"

The Interns will study, apply and explore on:
Meditative love making, empowerment of love relationships, nature cycle and emotional self management in the relationships, 9 stages/qualities of love, the art of foreplay trained through 9 dances of love (dance improv).

Beside learning, Internship includes team work in arts, and culture projects.

Before one receive the level of trainer or assistant one must first complete themselves a necessary level of practice, knowledge and application capability as well as study in method and technique

Applications on education of children, family, couples, emotional self-management, gender, conscious sexuality, conscious conception, team building, management, collaboration, communication

Interns will be able to become eligible for education, culture, arts, empowering community and couples projects

Starts in April Protected content ,
Region 1: Finland
Region 2: Online

Information, Schedule private interview, Application to my email Protected content or IN Private message

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