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Introductions wanted

I run a smal company who specialize in audio solutions for public venues. In short we offer a solution that enables venues to utilize peoples smartphones as an extended speaker. So no matter if you need audio to the overhead screen in the train or at the airport, audio for the soccer game at your favorite bar or you need a guided tour at the museum r a zoo, we can support this on our platform.

I would be very thankfull to anyone who can introduce me to decision makers at the following segments and will if this materialize into a commercial agreement provide you with a token of gratitude/ small finders fee.

Introductions to the following segments appreciated

Airports, trainstations and ferry terminals
Public transport operators (bus, train, taxi)
Crusie ship operators
Fitness centres
Restaurant, bars and sportbar chains
Hotels and Resorts
Theme parks
Business lounges, Service offices
Bank and Post Office operators
Sport event operators and Stadiums
Conference and Exhibition organizors
OOH/DOOH operators

Any other venue with customers and users queuing or waiting or benefitting from audio on the go.

Thanks to anyone who can help here. any help will be highly appreciated


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