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Invention for preventing the hijacking of a plane

Two years ago I have invented a technical upgrade for planes, which could prevent the hijacking of a plane! I have been watching for sponsors and supporters to help me to realize this invention actually all around the world. But neither in USA nor in Europe or elsewhere in the world, neither their governmental agencies nor the plane manufacturers had the interest to even listen or read what I had invented. Except for some private persons called "business angels" who just were interested to find out how that invention works and who then aborted their connection without any comments or to tell why they did so. Therefore I am absolutely convinced that the whole discussion about the 9/11 is a charade made by media to cause public stress and make people to accept more restrictive laws. However this invention still exists and could be realized.

You can find the invention on the german patent agency as follows:
Go to Protected content -> click on DPMA-Publikationen in the left frame -> click on Patente und Gebrauchsmuster -> click on Einsteigerrecherche -> in the field "Anmelder" type "Aminirad" -> clck on the pdf-file symbol -> to see the whole document click on "Volldokument" on the upper right corner.

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