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Investing in gold


We don't talk at all about investments, here on InterNations; yet investing is what most of us do with our spare cash. What do we invest in? Land, a house or apartment, a business, stocks and bonds, a pension fund, foreign currencies - one or more of those, I guess. Maybe gold and silver as well.

An email friend of mine recently asked me how national economies might fare in the event of a collapse of paper currencies, including the US Dollar. Being retired, I have a lot of time to muse upon such subjects, and to place my and my wife's own meagre funds where they might be safest. One of those places is gold, which I think might hold its value against most paper currencies, and maybe all of them.

I offer the topic of gold for discussion here, in the hope that others will write their opinions of it as an investment. (I have no intention of persuading any IN member to buy gold, or silver, or any other specific thing. We all have our different priorities.)

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