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Investment Summary for Project “MAF" (Aluminum)

Investment Summary for
Project “Maritime-Aluminium-Foam-Sandwich” known as MAF

Transaction: Venture Capital

47,000,000.00 EUR

24,000,000.00 EUR Investor
16,000,000.00 EUR Subsidy
7,000,000.00 EUR Loan (from KfW)

To utilise exclusive patents and establish a production facility for the production of the new homogeneous lightweight construction material on the basis of the aluminium foam technology (herein known as MAF). The company will develop and produce applications for MAF for sectors including marine, military, heavy machinery, etc.

Current Overview
MAF has been developed in conjunction with the Frauenhofer Institute in Germany and numerous applications have been designed, for which substantial LOI’s have been signed.

Discussions with the Brandenburg Economic Ministry and the KfW (German federal states development bank) have resulted in proposals for subsidies, the securing of a loan facility and land for the production unit, based on matching funds being secured. To this purpose, an investor is currently being sought.

Planned Structure
The existing team comprises of the research and development know how combined with sales and management professionals which have formed into a Swiss based AG. Details in the business plan to follow.

Product Advantages & Applications
MAF has been proofed by various known institutions such as the Brandenburg Innovation Agency, the Max Planck Institute and the University of Stralsund. It has been found to have properties not possessed by customary aluminium sandwich products. The material is sea water-proof and therefore more resistant to corrosion, it is buoyant, is very light with high firmness and stability, is not flammable, and it diminishes body and space sound influence. In contrast to the customary sandwich, the elements are organically bound without application of glue.

Numerous applications such as security hatches, bulkheads and doors for sea tankers, boots and submarines, offshore wind farm technology support, structural support for tunnels and railway technology have been designed directly with relevant industry leaders.

Humanitarian as well as military applications have also been at the forefront of the R & D to date.

Company Key Figures
Detailed figures are available in the full business plan tbf.

Investment Requirements
The following is a brief overview of capital requirements:
17,000,000.00 EUR property and buildings
18,500,000.00 EUR machines, arrangements and equipment
11,500,000.00 EUR first goods warehousing, launch costs, company means, research and development, management recruitment, mediation costs and classification costs

Investment Opportunity
To capitalize on exclusively held patents and LOI’s to establish a production facility for the production of ca. 15,000 tons of MAF in year Protected content . Subsidies, loans machinery and land will secure the investment.
Established industry leading R & D will continue to provide cost and technically efficient applications to numerous sectors of industry. The facility will be a world leader in this technology.

Process & Contact
Having considered the information contained within this document, those parties interested in proceeding with the investment opportunity should request and sign a confidentiality agreement for further information.
Signing a confidentiality agreement will be a prerequisite to advancing further in the analysis of this opportunity.

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