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As we all know the economy is under severe downfall and hence the rate of returns, being an expat we all invest some percentage of our earnings at our home country, to realize it better lets analyze that ROI on fixed deposit 15 years back was around 14% which is 6% in todays scenario and believe me it will deteriote more based on the current statistics henceforth if you are looking to secure your retirement without financial hurdle or you are intending to earn from here and multiply money back in India or to secure your old age parents health or may some might have planned to fulfill your dream to go around the world then being an expat its a good time to decide what investment and how much percentage of the overall earning and for how long to be committed to gain the fruitful returns.
Write me your requirement and I will suggest you the best and reliable financial plan suiting your budget with your desired returns at the best premium.

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