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Is a war likely to happen in East Asia

Reading news these days, tensions has been escalating between Japan and China over a disputing island. Demonstration broke out all over China under the name of anti-Japan movement. They called for boycott on Japanese products. They destroyed Japanese 's companies, factories and stores. It is like a chaos. China sent Protected content boats to the island where Japanese activists already landed there and claiming Japan's sovereignty.
In the situation where Japan also has dispute with Russia and China has conflict with South East Asian countries over the South China Sea, this seems to be the testing case in which both Japan and China want to demonstrate their powers. Either one which will win in this case will have bigger chance to win other disputes over their islands. So, I think the tension will be pushed further in future.

However, is a war likely to happen between the two?? still too early to say. The problem is clear, the conflict is tensed but both of them belong to an interdependent world where one can't survive without the other.

A total war is not the future, but local skirmishes can be the result. But in any case, East Asia's stability is at stake at this moment.

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