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Is our focus to much on the outer reality?

I recently listened to a panel discussion with Jose Arguelles, Daniel Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Graham Hancock and a few others and indeed, during a one-on-one interview, author Jose Argüelles response to Pinchbeck’s ‘What do we do now?’ was plainly, ‘Meditate. Do a 10-day Vipassana Retreat and you’ll figure it out.’

This message is for us all. In the words of alternative-archaeologist Graham Hancock, we are a species with amnesia. To wake up we must refocus the light of our awareness from the outer to the inner. The art of listening to our personal truth will lead us through the dank hallways of illusion and temptation and onward through the gates of our own, self-induced, salvation.

Do you agree that our current (and steadily increasing) focus on the external and denial of the internal truths / reality is something we must wake up from?
Or is the outer the only "real" and the inner is just imagination / dreams?

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