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Is U.S. still a top destination for immigrants?


Given the hardline and cruel immigration policies of the Trump's administration, is the U.S. still a desirable destination for immigrants?

An explanation of the evolution of racism of white Americans:
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There are many factors to consider when an individual intends to immigrate to another country, including the U.S. Some of these factors are external to the individual such as the political, socioeconomic, and interracial climates in the U.S. and in the individual's home country. Some of the factors are specific to the individual, such as her career, wealth, living condition, religion, education, satisfaction with her social life in her own country, etc.

The following are factors in the U.S. that a prospective immigrant to the U.S. may need to consider:

1.) To look at the quality of life beyond your own lifetime. This means that you need to consider inter-generational outcomes. This issue is the most neglected or incorrectly analyzed.
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