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Is Western Democracy a scam ?

The revelation of the American surveillance scandal on infringement of privacy reminded me of a movie I had watched in German: "Das Leben der Anderen" - In English: "The Lives Of Others" (excellent movie by the way). The movie is related to the monitoring of East Berlin by agents of the Stasi.

...Wait a minute is there some similarity here with what is happening now in this , except with more electronic data ?

The whistle blower now will probably be tainted as traitors and soon there will be more sex scandals or some other crimes cropping up on them (remember Wikileaks ?).
What happened to the right to express (the truth)?

-Elected officials represent the special interests and companies that fund their campaigns ?

-Western gov's failure to indict any banksters for the fraud that contributed to the financial crisis [ seems like Money Talks ! ]

on and on....

Is true Democracy only an imaginary thing these days ? If so , what are the Arab spring people protesting for ? Not a single country that had an uprising and revolution is in peace anyway ...

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