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Isis (Israel + Jordan + Saudi) Vs Hizbullah (Iran)


I know that Isis and other rebels were trained in our Allies Military bases, like the joint training of rebels by US and Jordanian armed forces in Jordan. Our strategy was to topple Assad and Hizbullah and drive a blow to our nemesis Iran. Now that Isis and the syrian rebels have lost to Iran and Russia, What is the next move for us? are we going to move in military, as Iran and Hizbullah are a great threat to Israel and our allies Jordan, saudi Arabia, Egypt. Do we accept defeat? and would Iran, Assad and Hizbullah seek revenge from Israel after this? Isis/rebels were a good strategy, yet Russia moved in and destroyed our plot. What is next? any opinions? how can we defeat Iran and Russia and destroy the enemies of Israel (Hizbullah and Hamas)? Any thoughts please?

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