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ISIS stupid to mess with Putin

All of our hearts go out to the families and loved ones who perished tragically onboard the downed airplane. We hope their surviving loved ones find the strength through whatever faith or religion they hold dearly and find the peace to carry on strongly.

While the civilized nations mourn the unexpected loss of over Protected content , whack-jobs Arabic nutcases like ISIS are already competing for the macabre "honor" of claiming responsibility for murdering innocent souls. This is what whack-a-doodles do.

But I do not believe that ISIS are that sophisticated to shoot down an airliner already flying at over 29,000 feet. ISIS simply do not have the skills and weapons to do that. In other words, ISIS (a “quasi-military” group whose greatest military “achievements” hail of burning helpless Jordanian pilots and raping American female aid-workers) is too stupid to accomplish that. The rag-tag almost laughable "band" of AK-47 toting scarfed nutcases are as highly trained as rock-throwing radical Palestinian street punks. The difference being that ISIS have better Toyota pickup trucks to hold the motley crew of Arabic odd-balls on their joy-rides of hooliganism in destroying world cultural artifacts. From a military perspective, it is highly doubtful that ISIS could have done it.

The fact that they have been claiming responsibility for this act shows their whopping stupidity: to mess with Putin and the Russian military might is the worst thing ISIS can do. For too long, ISIS have gotten used to weak leaders like Obama. Wait till they get a load of Putin. For too long ISIS have gotten use to carrying out cowardly attacks on helpless innocents (like beheading old defense-less archeology professors). Wait till they come face to face with Russian special ops. ISIS basically have signed their own death warrants folks. Putin is a man who cares about his ego and prestige (and does not give a flying f*** about what BBC or CNN has to say) unlike Obama whom ISIS sees as a big joke (see in below link how Obama is viewed in the Egyptian media: the Egyptians do have a great sense of humour). Unlike Obama whose daughter has bigger biceps than him according to Egyptian media, Putin has big balls of titanium and does not like to be made a laughing stock like his U.S. counterpart Obama. Putin will go after ISIS hard and bomb them out of existence through whatever means necessary to prove his point. You see, “political correctness” holds no sway over former Soviet KGB bigwigs.

Ciao ISIS! You messed with the wrong dude…

Egyptian Media Lambasts Obama:
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