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Israel Gaza conflict


I found an interesting video:

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I think it summarizes what is happening in Gaza pretty accurately.

As an American with Indian ancestry, both nations that I hold close to my heart have been victimized by fundamentalist terror groups. I am vehemently opposed to terror.

The usual bleeding hearts who support the fundamentalists (wittingly or unwittingly) do so because their countries or their families have not experienced the death and destruction these fundamentalists bring in their wake.

As for the Gazan's complaining about Israeli retaliatory strikes: I point you to this very illuminative video: Protected content

"Set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear..."

Add to the list "Fire missiles at a nation 10,000 years ahead in technology and military strength.." as the dumbest way to die.

And actually kudos to Israel for exercising restraint. In the face of the incessant missile attacks, the Israeli armed forces are still trying to protect Gazan civilians, calling off air strikes, etc.

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And to those complaining about the disparity in Israeli - Gazan casualties.
One word: IRON DOME!

The fundamentalists have no compunction about killing innocent women and children. Their religious zealot leaders call for butchering everyday. And it is clearly established that innocents are fair targets. The missiles are primitive without much targeting capabilities, and it doesn't even matter. The missiles are aimed at populated areas in Israel and fired indiscriminately.

Without the Iron Dome, Israeli casualties would have sky rocketed!

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(2 years old video. Fundamentalists have more advanced rockets from Iran now. And the Iron dome is fully functional. It is developed by Rafaele Systems from France and the US recently approved an aid package to Israel for more systems and rockets).

iron dome in action: Protected content

So Israel is actively protecting its people.

On the other hand: fundamentalists like to place their missile batteries in "soft targets"

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United Nations schools are the favorite storage places for rockets by the fundamentalists!

And the rockets are launched from densely populated regions, which cause civilian casualties, and gets global condemnation for Israel.

Also: Protected content

Shahada - martyrdom is celebrated, even for children - among the fundamentalists.

Ergo: the disparity in Israeli / Gazan casualties. One side trying to protect its civilians - another is setting its civilians as lambs for the slaughter.

Lets stop and think: if Israel could beat 3 Arab armies when barely prepared, a few decades ago. In its present state, would it even break out in sweat to level the fundamentalists to the ground?

So lets get our perspectives straight.

Your comments are welcome. But before you comment : THINK! Would YOU like these fundamentalists to be doing this to YOUR nation and YOUR family? And if they did, what would YOU do?

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