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Core Competencies: Desktop Support; Networks i.e.
LAN and WAN technologies; Microsoft Applications; Data Migration: Ghosting Computers; Hardware and Software Maintenance on Laptops & PCs’; Printer Maintenance; Multimedia
* Platforms: Microsoft Windows® Protected content , Microsoft Windows® Protected content , Microsoft Windows® Vista, Microsoft Windows® XP, MS Exchange®, Linux (Red Hat) and Mac OS.

* Networking: TCP/IP, WEP, WPA, Novell, DECnet, Banyan, ISO/OSI, IPX/SPX, DNS, DDNS, DHCP, HTTP, WINS, AppleTalk, SNA, Ethernet, Cisco, Security, Apache Server, Active Directory, CAT5 Cabling, Patching, Token Ring, VOIP,FDDI, VPN, and SSH.

* Languages: WSH Shell Scripting.

* Tools: Altiris Deployment Solutions Protection Active Kill Disk for Dos 4.1, Hiren 9.3, Dario’s Boot and Nuke 1.0.7, ERD Commander Protected content Manager, Norton Firewall and GhostCast Server 11.0, McAfee/Norton Virus Protection Utilities, HP Snort, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office System Protected content Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook®), Microsoft Project, and Microsoft FrontPage®.

* Telecommunications: Cable Cards, Hi-Def Television, Digital Cable boxes and Cabling

If you fit the bill or have some or all please send us your ResOmay!!! Thanks

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