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It's a Game - Play as long as it's Fun

"Life's a game" I read once in a while. People get 'taken out' of the game via a play-like console that operates an armed drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)

Online games industry flourishes as if there was no tomorrow.

People run crazy like junkies for something called . . . [X]Pendapalooza NINE Protected content . . . on EmpireAVenue (happening today and tomorrow)

Professors at universities even write scripts to automatize the game and give players the 'impression' about real 'socializing' . . .

Eric Schmidt is bringing Google fun to North Korea (which US admins don't consider funny at all . . . ) whilst Mark Zuckerberg is sitting on round tables next to Angela Merkel ?

Fun is hard business ? Is that fun ? What IS fun ?

What means fun to you ?

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