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Je Suis Armenien

Today the 24th of April Protected content , marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turkish supported by Germany (as admitted yesterday by the German president). Approximately 1.5 Million Armenians were slaughtered in cold blood. More info and chocking details on: Protected content

In fact the Genocide started much before that as millions of Assyrians, Greeks, Lebanese and others were among the martyred too. They were brutally tortured to death in ways we cannot imagine today. Furthermore, they were forced to leave their properties without food, some were enslaved as sex slaves and some were forced to convert and deny their religion.
What we see today in ISIS makings is nothing but a reciprocity to what their ancestors did. Still, as it was before, it is today. ISIS is being funded, armed and protected by the Turkish !
Denial of what happened Protected content ago and what is happening right now will not change the facts that the same Turkish are responsible and shall be brought to Justice, one day or the other.
Today, as descendant of those martyred, i stand and say I am Armenian, I am Lebanese, I am Assyrian, I am Greek. Even if we forgive, we shall never forget.

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