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"Jihotties?"/The romance of jihad and its brides


Women - especially those in the west- are finding ISIS poster boys attractive enough to leave their homes, lives, and go to join them. Bear arms and children for them.

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Sites like fb, Twitter, tumbler, are being used by apparent current brides (eg Shams the celebrity ISIL-Wife romance blogger) making it all sound like "Jannah", tweeting pics of happy moments as "Muhajirah".

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Why would women find the idea of a jihadi that looks like Adam Levine with a beard enticing?

"...when I start hearing jokes made by successful single women in their 30s and 40s about how the only way they will find a husband is if they join ISIL, I can’t help thinking that this reflects a serious inner need that is not often voiced publicly.
“I heard they teach you how to cook and sew and how “to become a proper ‘rabat bait’ [housewife], skills most of us lack as no one bothered to teach us,” said a friend who feels she has lost some of her feminine qualities...
This need to be a woman, a wife and mother is always there, even if it is buried deep down within.
Many jump at the chance to “belong” to someone.
Even though they could be married off to a really unpleasant character, these ISIL women would still be a “wife”, a Mrs or an Umm. And, whether we like it or not, a married woman is often viewed as being more respectable in the eyes of society.
There is definitely a single versus married divide, where often the single women feel left out of many events and experiences as the married club does not include them."

This isn't a thread to rip apart religions or immigrants. I was so baffled I didn't know what the thread subject line should be.

It's just to try and understand this tactic now being used by ISIS, the psychology of the women on the receiving side of it and if attempts are being made to stem the growing popularity?

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