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job and housing


am writing in english as will send this mail to a few of you ;)
Would like to get the answers to the following questions:

+ the best place for renting studio or one room apartment is in Dubai Marina ( since I work at JLT) and You guys told me the issues of traffic and etc,. Is there any difference in which part of Marina?

+ Francesco avised me "better homes" agency , is there any other You would suggest? just for the case of choice.

+ what about your job contracts: I have heard that Dubai does not have the employee pension fund. Did you organize in Your home country , etc in Italy? which company ? any idea of how much does it cost a month to keep the pension fund active in italy through the years you work in dubai?

+ what about the transport in your contract? did the company provided you with the car or you bought it on your own? does the company pay the gasoline expenses? or they cover the taxi and metro expenses?

+ I saw that the basic contract includes:
Protected content salary
Protected content
Protected content
Protected content tip to the home country
Protected content insurance
Protected content phone?
is it so? is there something missing?:)

+ if the company gives the contract like the one mentioned above - that is the company pays the apartment, transport..... what would the minimum average basic salary for the following positions:
--------- Protected content boutique manager
--------- Protected content showroom manager
--------- Protected content boutique shop assistant

+ what would be the average 1 room apartment monthly bills? cleaning, electricity, water, internet, TV, condominial expenses and etc?

Thank YOU very much.


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