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Job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, need advice!

I have a job interview for a permanent job in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but there are still some unanswered questions.. if anyone of you has some advice on one of the points, I’d really appreciate your help!

1. Is there a norm for contract length? Should I ask for the contract to be 3, 5 or 7 years?
2. My girlfriend and I are not married. Both caucasian, in our 40's, what's the reaction to co-habitation?
3. We have 3 spaniels. Will they suffer from the heat etc? (do you see a lot of dogs around)
4. Company Accomodation: I Believe I can get a villa with the job in Springs. I know this area BUT can we take dogs into rented accomodation/compound? My girlfriend won't leave our dogs behind, so no dogs = no girlfriend = no me. Sorry about all the dog-questions, but this is a major concern.
5. Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Which has to offer better lifestyle in your opinion?
6 Lady stuff: Can she drive unaccompanied in Dubai/AbuDhabi/Sharjah
and does she need the abaya anywhere? (I don’t think that driving should be a problem and that she will need the abaya.. but better to be safe than sorry)
7. Walking dogs: On beach....... in park..... Yes/No. What does the law say, what do the people say?
8. Cost of living: similiar to Denmark? memberships etc
9. Should I discuss everything before taking the job or re-negiotiate when I’m there ?
10. How many re-pat flights per year and is my lady included in ticket?

Well, thanks in advance if you have any answers, tips, suggestions for us!

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