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Job: Senior software engineers (Ruby)

London, United Kingdom
or Lisbon, Portugal

At the firm we work at we’re 21 developers, 6 product managers and 2 designers, passionate about building the best holiday rental website. We write good code to build an outstanding product.
We need your help.
If you are a passionate senior software engineer, and think you have some of the skills, drive and talent to help us to build up our team, we’d really like to hire you.
Why join us? Simply because we’re the best team you can join in London. We work hard to deliver good software, and even harder on working well, together.
If that’s not enough :

We get agile right.
It’s important to us to give everyone a say and be efficient. We roll with a mixture of Kanban and XP, pair regularly, but that’s not enough. Every project is co-designed with developers, product managers, designers and stakeholders. We’d never want our engineers to be code monkeys churning through the story mill.
We empower people : we’ve even built our own tool, AppFab ( Protected content ) so everyone in the company can contribute, criticize, and follow product ideas.
We do Tech Fridays so all devs gets a chance to work on something different and build better tools. We invest in paying back our technical debt.

We’re lean and mean.
We like to deliver early and often. Good weeks see Protected content deploys. That works because our teams are small Protected content , focused, and autonomous on planning, architecture, and design. Our product people keep customers and stakeholders out of the way unless it matters.
Systematic code reviews and good continuous integration is how we keep up.

We grok Ruby, Git, TDD, and OSS.
And use a bunch of other technologies daily; Haml, Sass, Javascript, Sinatra, Mongo, Puppet, AWS being the most usual suspects. We use the tools we think are right, when the time is right. We scale when scale is needed. We’re keen to learn and share about tech, too: conferences, ebooks, meetups, you name it. We even have a fledgling book club.

Our craftsmen are fab.
We hire great engineers like Julien ( Protected content ), Matt ( Protected content ), and Jesper ( Protected content ) who love teamwork, are keen on delivering good product, improve coding practices, give the odd technical talk, and contribute to open source software.
But we need more, and that’s where you come in: we believe it’s part of our job to teach and train each other—expect to coach and give talks.

We’ll challenge you.
We need you to be an engineer and a leader. Keep your hands dirty, show initiative, motivate people, and get projects done. While keeping the big picture in mind. Sounds hard? We’re constantly adding or rebuilding features in sites that see monthly 20% increases in traffic.
Oh, and we’re going service oriented. We need top-notch performance. We have tricky geek problems around geo, search, syncing, emails, monitoring, testing…

We’re a success startup story.
We do business in 100s of countries. We’ve raised $40M recently and our website attracts 2.5M unique users monthly, push 20M pages, and run at 4.5k rpm. But we’re still a startup—which means you get to make a difference in a booming, successful business.
All that with the usual startup perks—rad office in Soho, brand new Macbook, unlimited coffee, table football, and even an office dog. Although someone did suggest we get a snake instead.

Still reading ? Give us a shout, let’s talk

I will sent you the name of our firm and the jobvite link to apply, on request at Protected content

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