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Jobs in Redmond, WA USA for Aussie/NZ speakers

We’re looking for people to employ in providing the Australian (or New Zealand) baseline of voice commands and instructions for video game console and cell-phone voice-directed technologies. The position would involve testing the voice-recognition of these products to make sure that the consoles and phones would work smoothly and naturally with dialectical differences between North American English usage and Australian (or New Zealand) speech patterns. Given that, strongly recognizable or broad speech patterns characteristic of Australia are required for this position.

There is a position available five days a week up from usually 9:30 am PST to 5:30 pm PST (although there is some flexibility in that), up to forty hours a week, contingent for up to a year. Another need involves two or three days every other week on a very dynamic schedule. Ability to make it onsite to Redmond, WA is required as the products tested are new and exciting and security is a factor.

If this sounds like something you or anyone you know with the relevant qualifications would be interested in, please contact me at Protected content 231 or email me at Protected content . I look forward to hearing from you!

Volt is an equal opportunity employer.

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