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Kama Sutra or Brahmacharya ,sex or celibacy


If we analyse the time,energy spent in getting in to relationships or marriage and staying/getting out of it then we find it is only taking care of multiple societal urge of multiple people and ,a road block to the actual human purpose to achieve total solidarity of infinite consciousness with the nature .We can take care of the cooking cleaning ,child rearing all our life but it takes away our main purpose of life to express,grow and exhale to the fullest extent in total freedom from bondage. The so called society was created to perpetuate this bondage of family ,coupled with our urge to marge with another human being physically has landed us in to this quagmire of chores and routine of family,a smoke and mirror Maya/illusion .

An idea like Brahmacharya, self imposed voluntary celibacy very well may have developed in the east but unless it is certified by the opinion makers of the west,it will never get the international recognition it deserves as the most potent weapon of human excellence. Practicing of celibacy does not mean full stop to procreation because most people will not follow it. It simply offers a different choice, different alternative.But unfortunately west is still childishly fascinated with carnal Kamasutra and not serous about Brahmacharya.

What is more spiritual, minutes of Kama ( Sex ) or life time of Niskama Brahmacharya ( life time of un interrupted higher love without the distraction of sex?

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