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Kamala Harris as President of the USA, yay or nay?

Could the Protected content nominee, and likely the next president of the United States – be Senator Kamala Harris, from California?

I started this thread mostly to shift the conversation to something other than Trump bashing. I hope Robert Franks posts on this thread non-stop. Maybe even a 2nd or 3rd or 4th potential Dem candidate thread will be inspired. Ohhhh I hope so!

I read an op today that points out that there is a (very) Junior senator from California that is following the candidacy playbooks of Obama and Bernie Sanders (see point 5);

!) She's working on a new book that describes her underdog story and political agenda.

2-) She's headlining sold-out political fundraising events, raising millions of dollars for the Democratic Party.

3.) She's giving commencement speeches at left-leaning universities, and appearing on highly viewed talk shows.

4.) She's assembling a campaign team of former Hillary Clinton aides.

5.) She formally rejected corporate political action committee (PAC) money, and has even launched an online grassroots small-donor fundraising strategy.

Just about the only thing Senator Harris hasn't done yet is announce her candidacy.

So let's hear it Dems what are her chances?


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