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Dear Singhal Ji,

It is indeed a great pleasure to connect to discerning divine friend like you. In our interactions I find you all an epitome of progress and deep commitment to society. By sharing and contributing to the positive thoughts and harmonious efforts, we can make a difference to people's lives.

Lord has given me a divine task to expound India's spiritual values to rest of the people, world wide. We can take humble pride that our spiritual traditions are fascinating scholars and people at the helm of affairs. Shaiva Agamas takes us to the destination of self-realization, after fulfilling both material and spiritual goals of life.

Kindly open two attachments:

a) Our esteemed friends organized presentations in Agra. It was an overwhelming divine evening full of soul stirring music, discourses and inspiring stories. The concluding part was meditation based on the subtle tradition of Shaiva Agamas.

Kindly open the attachment regarding the news item in "The Hindustan".

b) Presentation at Princeton, New Jersy, USA.

Presenting the Bliss and Truth of Kashmirian Shaivism. The audience were all local Americans. John Kingsbury and other divine friends have started in New Jersy a meditation centre based on this tradition.

Welcome & Invitation

A warm welcome to this spiritual treasure so that everybody discovers their own divine nature by following their own path and creed. Your seva (service) will contribute to spiritual energy and harmony with ample "Love - Humility - Compassion". Indeed, your response will mean a great step forward in this mission. I will be sending more mails for seeking support for presentations in Banglore.


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