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It was joke of the year that the recent remarks made by Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressing Hajj pilgrims in Tehran on supporting the "struggle" in Kashmir.

In an apparent tit-for-tat, India, for the first time, abstained late last night from voting on the UN resolution on the human rights violations in Iran. In past, India has always voted against such resolutions.

Iran while having some of the worst human right violations in the history at their credit they should not dare to comment on Kashmir where free and fair elections are held since last many years and a democratically elected government is in the rule even now.

Freedom in Kashmir is in excess one should say if that is compared to that of Iran where criticism of the ruling party could invite jail or even beheading where as in Kashmir the freedom has reached such extent that few minorities could even go on rampage on streets raising anti -Indian slogans straight in front of gun bearing police without any harm to themselves as a rule of the day. This is well established that such demonstrators doesn't represent the majority in Kashmir for which huge turn out in elections alone are enough proof.

On June 12th, Ahmedinijad was reelected as the president of Iran after a landslide victory. Soon after the results were declared the defeated candidates led by Mousavi alleged voting fraud and a stolen election.

World now knows how authentic their elections are and what is the freedom people of Iran enjoy.

High time Ayatollah Ali Khamenei take some home work on realities in Kashmir before such utterances.

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