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Hi everyone, today is World Kindness Day!

According to Wikipedia "it is a day that encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion".
Well, I have always been defined as a kind and lovely person both by my dear ones and by acquaintances and that’s so reassuring!

Some days ago I read an interesting post on the blog of this amazing australian blogger ( Protected content ).

It’s a post about the motivations which lead aid workers to choose this difficult life path and I found this sentence very interesting:
"Using the language of sacrifice to describe aid work implies that you are somehow entitled to something from those who did not make similar sacrifices. Maybe respect. Maybe appreciation….."

Though the comparison could seem a little “risquée” I was thinking that kindness can reward you with the same prizes in terms of appreciation and therefore could be considered quite a refined form of egotism. Of course there are also people out there who think that just because you're kind you are a silly and weak person....

Personally, I must admit that I don’t quite like quarrelsome people or those who like to act in a rude or aggressive manner because they think that’s a way to prove they are “strong”. I actually think that these people are quite frustrated and just looking for a way to give vent to their frustration and poor life.

What do you think about it?


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