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KRASS e.V ‘Europe Canvas’ Project Contact wanted

Dear EU citizens and friends,

Hereby, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Claudia Seidensticker. I am a fine arts curator and painter and I am working for many years with one of the most valuable assets of our society generation.

"Each child is important and valuable and has the right to a happy and carefree and secure youth." This is the motivation of the voluntary association "KRASS - ALL children paint," which consists of 15 volunteers with various professional backgrounds.

The little citizens of our EU, the children and young people are our future. They should have adequate and appropriate development and training opportunities for growing up in a society that enables them to participate freely in cultural and artistic life.

Therefore, we want and should do something!

The Idea:

The EU Commission has launched in Protected content following initiative: "Child Poverty and Social Exclusion’. So, that was a unique opportunity for KRASS e.V. to actively support that initiative with an appropriate project.

On the 9th of May Protected content , KRASS e.V. started in Düsseldorf , Germany the "Europe Canvas" project.
The aim of the project is that as many as possible children from all EU countries to paint an approximately 30 square meters large canvas which will become a politically and socially unifying work of art.

The "Europe Canvas" is currently on a European Tour and is constantly enlarged. Germany, Italy. Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Greece and France have already contributed their own ‘square meter’.
After its completion, the final painting will be available for a presentation at a special event during the 1th quarter of Protected content the EU Commission.


Every country should be represented by a square meter canvas which will be created from several children of the same or different school or kindergarten. Ideally, the painting process would take place in the context of an already planned event or a festival, where the children along with their parents will participate.

The motto under which the children will paint the canvas, is: "Children paint Their Europe!". Questions like "What does this mean for you Europe?" or "How do you imagine your future in Europe?" could serve as sources of ideas.

All you need is simply:
• 1 square white canvas or jute
• painting materials (acrylic paints, brushes, etc.) and
• A few creative kids!

If you have an idea that could occur at any event with children, so that your EU country is represented at this "Europe Canvas," then communicate with us at: Protected content .

We will be happy to assist you!

Sincerely Yours,

Claudia Seidensticker

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